Please contact us at for questions outside the scope of this FAQs section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can supplementary material be added beyond the 5-page limit and are there any restrictions on it?

    Yes, you may include additional supplementary material, but we ask that it be limited to a reasonable number of pages (~12 additional pages) and that it follow the same format as the paper.

  2. Can a submission to this workshop be submitted to another ICLR workshop in parallel?

    We discourage this, as it leads to more work for reviewers across multiple workshops. Our suggestion is to select one workshop.

  3. Can a paper be submitted to the workshop that has already appeared or is scheduled to appear at a conference with published proceedings?

    We won’t be accepting such submissions unless they have been adapted to contain significantly new results (where novelty is one of the qualities reviewers will be asked to evaluate).

  4. How do I register for the workshop?

    Please register for the ICLR 2019 conference using the main registration page. Since the ICLR 2019 workshops will be held in parallel with the ICLR 2019 conference, this registration is valid for all conference and workshop sessions.

  5. Is travel funding available for authors of accepted papers?

    Unfortunately, we have not been able to secure travel funding. We will notify authors if that status changes, but, as of now, please make travel arrangements on your own.

  6. What is the recommended format for posters?

    Please make your poster no larger than 36” x 48” or 90cm x 122cm in portrait orientation, as we are working with tight space constraints. We recommend the use of unlaminated, light-weight paper, as we will be taping the posters to the walls of the workshop room.

  7. What are the requirements for the camera-ready submission?

    After incoporating reviewer comments, please deanonymize your abstract using the \iclrfinalcopy macro in the provided TeX file, and submit the camera-ready copy via CMT. The same page limits apply as for the abstract submission; this keeps clarity about what material underwent peer review. We are also happy to provide a link to an arXiv landing page in addition to hosting your camera-ready copy.